Saturday, January 14, 2012

B is 9 months!

Okay...can we first talk about that crazy hair??  It's hilarious.  It just won't lay down on the left side of her head, and when it's dry like it's been...she looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket.  Just one of the many reasons why we love our girl!  In just 3 short months our lovebug will turn 1, and I can't believe it!  She's been 9 months out after 9 months in.  It's quite a milestone.  I am completely freaked out time has gone so fast, as chances our this is our last time experiencing the "baby" months.  I am also so incredibly excited to watch her turn into her own little person and see her change, grow and become mobile.  It's an exciting time in our house. 

Age: 9 months today!  3/4 of a!

Stats: 15lbs 5oz (not even on the charts:( ) & 27 3/4'.  She is definitely having a growth spurt.

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): Not much change from last month, size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.

Sleeping: Hubs gets up to put her binky in at least 1 time a night most nights.  We can't wait when she figures out how to pop that back in her mouth.  Otherwise, we make it the entire night without a diaper change or feeding.  She can usually make it to 5-6:30am till she needs to eat, then goes back to sleep till 9 am.  We are working on getting her a solid afternoon nap around 1:30 or 2pm, but she normally cat naps for 30 minutes or here and there as we run around all day.  She's not a consisten napper, unfortunately. 

Eating: I made it BF 9 months, which I am so very proud of.  We are still going, with no supplementing.  She is doing amazing with table foods and baby food.  I make my own baby food, and am mildly obsessed with doing so.  I just really love the creativity and the satisfaction I get from providing her with new combinations that are fresh and made with love.  It's fun!  So far she's eaten, rice krispies, cheese, pancakes, bread, apple slices, yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, cottage cheese, soft carrots, spiral wheat noodles and small pieces of chicken as table foods.  We will try just about anything at this long as we can make it into small pieces and that it's soft.  She has no peanut allergies either, as we fed her a muffin with nuts in it and small bits of PB&J (gasp if you may)....the second kid is so much easier and less stressful when it comes to this stuff.

1. tooth #2, her right bottom one
2. waving
3. doing the kissing sound
4. army crawl with her arms and toes a couple of feet
5. rolling to and sleeping on her right side at night
6. playing in the bathtub with toys
7. being able to play by herself for long periods of time on the floor
8. playing peek-a-boo with her towel/blanket

Memorable outings: Her first Christmas and travels up North and her first NYE in Chicago with my childhood friends and their families. 
Favorite toys/activities: activity walker that the face pops off, her tea set, the elephant ball popper, hair (still!), sensory balls, T's cars (straight to her mouth), rolling snail, colored stacking rings, just started getting interested in her Violet

Funny moments: Definitely Poop-agedon on Christmas Day

Looking forward to: We are hopeful she'll crawl soon, she's so close.  I'm also hopeful she'll say "mama" instead of just mmmmmm for me.  I think she'll do her first baby signs anytime now, as I am very adamant about trying to show them to her (here's hoping).  I am also starting to think about her first birthday...I can't believe it! 

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  1. OMG she is so cute! And how is it possible she is 9 months old already?!! To cute!


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