Friday, November 2, 2012

18 Months with B

I'm only, oh, 2 weeks late on this one, but better late than never I guess.  Our sweet Brynleigh Anne turned a year and a half on the 14th of October.  I am in shock it's been that long.  She is most definitely no longer a baby, she's a bonafide toddler.  This was made officially official when they moved her to the toddler room at daycare.  I was a bit scarred by this experience.  For one, I LOVED her old teachers, a more subdued room and environment, cribs, high chair eating, sippy cups, and just a generally better run room.  We have now entered biting, hitting, screaming, running, land of "no", and mommy-no-likey.  Within a couple of days of entering this new environment, she was hitting her brother, she was bitten by another child and she came home with someone elses diapers, onsie and pants on after an accident.  Not to mention, she's been sick for nearly ALL of the two weeks she has been in this new room.  I'm hoping and praying these are just growing and adjustment pains.  I am fairly confident the daycare adores my children.  They are kind and loving to them.  This is all I can ask for.  My OCD and controlling-ness will need to just learn to let go a little.  ::sigh::  So here's what's been going on with B since I last updated. 

Stats:  Height 33" (90th percentile) Weight 21 lbs 4oz (we're finally on the chart at 15th percentile...whoot!)

Clothing:  Ranges from 12-2T, I would say she's pretty true to size, though, mostly 18 months are being rocked.  I can go up in shirts because she has a toddler belly, but anything bigger than 18 months in pants is a no-go at this point.  Too big. 

New Words:  She began saying phrases this month, things like; "thank you mama, thank you dadda, sit down, uppy please, What's that, I don't know" and her vocabulary is HUGE with words that impress us like french fries instead of just fries, caterpillar, baby doll, diaper (with her new diaper sign...this baby sign momma is so proud), seat, chair, bunny, puppy, outside, pumpkin, stinky, blanket, elbow, butteryfly, blueberry, and countless more I can't come up with off the cuff

New Tricks:  the signs for diaper and juice are new this month, running (she runs with her hands in the air...freaking hilarious), newfound baby doll obsession, drinking from a cup, she can flip head over heels with Daddy's help, she's been defending herself more and interacting with her "bubba" as she calls him (like trying to jump on and wrestle him), hugging with her arms around our necks instead of just leaning in her head (LOVE this one!), she's learning to pretend and play alone with toys more (thank you daycare), she's begun to show some interest in the potty and tells us when she has a wet or poopy diaper, brushes her teeth

Sleep:  She is the easiest child around to put down.  She tends to be pretty crabby around dinner and bath time, but when it's time to settle down, she is a routine girl all the way.  The girl is OBSESSED with books (especially those with flaps to open or anything to touch and feel.  Our favorite books right now are:  Zoo, Where's Puppy, Oops A Daisy, Pat the Bunny, Where's Binky and Too Purpley.  After 3-4 books, we lay her on her stomach with her bunny and/or her baby we named Molly, and she's out in 2.2 seconds.  It's a breeze.  I just love reading to and rocking her, though.  It's OUR time.  This girl can also sleep in till almost 9, sometimes after.  She likes her sleep.

Favorite Toys:  baby doll, bunny, balls, skateboard/scooter (they are T's), refridgerator leapfrog toys that play music, playschool magic house, books, finally getting interested in 5-10 minutes of a cartoon

Favorite Food:  believe it or not this girl LOVES water, juice, fruit strips, yogurt, chips, fries, apple sauce, bananas, cheerios, cinnamon life, cheese

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