Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mommy Likey...My 2012 Xmas List

Okay ya'all I'm going to make a big confession...I'm a big ole scrooge, a regular grinch who stole Christmas when it comes to these pesky holidays.  Since T & B have come along, I'm a bit more perky.  But, quite honestly, I am not a fan of the greedy, entitled, lengthy and expensive thing they call Christmas.  I'm sorry Xmas lovers...I'm just not one of you.  I guess this is why it's so difficult for me to put a list together when the holidays roll around.  I just feel "forced".  I try to keep a running list all year, but I fail miserably, and end up asking for things I "want" instead of "need".  ::slaps own hand::.  Of course, after the holidays I come up with countless items I really NEEDED.  I know some of these are NEVER going to happen...but here's my list so far:

Keurig Mini Plus - in red               Revlon Quiet Pro Ionic Hair Dryer                        

Far From The Tree (I know, I'm a science geek)    Nike Sweatpants with pockets

Rose Gold Watch, like this one...     Microsoft Surface -or- Macbook Air (a girl can dream:))

Winter car mats (a type A-girl's dream)
Chicago Flag iphone 4s phone case

Portable Computer Speakers...because my TV blew at school and my kids can't hear my videos!  boo!
Love these Arctic Sounds S111 Ultra portable speakers

Heart Rate Training Books - I'm a track coach and need some ideas 

Nike Sports Watch powered by Tom Tom & accessories
Flameless genius      Scotch Tape Shoe Dispenser...would look great on my desk:)
Beaded Flameless LED               

New Dinnerware that isn't stoneware...which chips...a lot!  I like these two from pier one.
Any running clothes...especially running tights (I prefer cropped) and cold running gear

A white coat (fleece).  Like this one perhaps... or with a hood.  I like the furry ones.

infinity scarves.  I have a cream one and a purple one, would love a gray or black one too or some colorful scarves.

MAC Brush Set - Holiday 2012 (It's been wayyyyy to many years since I replaced my brushes)

Okay, now I look like a spoiled brat. It's just a wish list people.  :)  Link up to get some good ideas.  I may be a day late...but that's how life works these days.  Go visit Growing up Geeky.

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  1. Visiting from TAT. Love the MacBook. I have never used apple products (except iPod) so I would need a tutorial from my kids!!


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