Sunday, November 18, 2012

Captain America & His Angel Arrive

**Readers, scroll down until you see a post you've read already...I went update crazy today**

Happy Halloween...ish.  Okay, I'm about half a month late.  Better late than never.  This year T went as Captain America (he's still obsessed with superheroes...and we have almost all the costumes).  I bought a 2.00 costume last year for B...gotta love Halloween thankfully it fit.  No scouring the local Halloween stores or fighting the crowds at Target this year.  It was seamless.  Both dressed up at daycare.  T was allowed to go to Kindergarten in his costume, and he wasn't supposed to.  I was a bit irked that the daycare let him get on the bus fully Captain America-a-fide, and that his kindergarten teacher allowed him to wear it all day long (he was the ONLY one...mortified working mama here)...but such is life.  He didn't seem to mind.  T trick-or-treated for the two hour window and brought home more candy than his humanly possible to eat in a year.  B and I struggled to stand outside in the cold rain to hand out our own candy.  It was kinda miserable...but I stuck it out.  I'm not a huge fan of this holiday either...given I feel like I'm contributing to the obesity of kids, and our own household...alas...I keep up the the Jonses and I comply...for my kids. 
 Really mom?! 
 Our Captain
 An attempt to photograph them both in the freezing rain

Hubs and I also attended a Halloween party this year as Mario & Luigi.  I think it was one of my better ideas.  It was easy and comfortable.  I got to be the skinny one :)
Put another Halloween in the record books.  Now onto my absolute favorite holiday...Thanksgiving.  I think it's one of the only holidays left that is (mostly) pure.  Although Walmart is doing their best to taint it...::sigh::  Can't wait for the feast and giving thanks with my family...oh and a fun-filled 5K (yippee!!!). 

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