Sunday, November 18, 2012

These ARE NOT My Children

I'm hoping all I'm going to divulge will be a phase in their lives.  I don't want to wish away any special time watching my kiddos grow.  But...I can definitely do without these issues...

The last few weeks have been a series of growing pains and comedies of error around here.  We are dealing with some major changes in our household, as well as suffering from over-scheduling and the pesky daycare germs.  It's been quite a ride. 

T has become quite the talker.  Okay, he's always had the gift of gab (my genes...damn) but it's been taken to a new level.  A story that could take 1 minute, takes a good 15.  We find ourselves saying "get to the point" way to often.  He also has picked up some funny words and phrases (oh, the joys of public education and other people's kids):  "I'm serious", "I'm not kidding", "like" and "darn it" are the most frequently used these days.  We are also having a listening problem.  I repeat myself to exhaustion.  But, he's a boy...nuf said.

In school, we have REALLY struggled with organization.  Ok, I know what you're thinking, "come on mom, he's only in kindergarten".  A part of me understands that, and agrees with you.  However, the OCD, type-A, educator in me tells me to nip this in the bud NOW!  I foresee a migraines-worth of problems in my future with this kid and homework.  He can't find ANYTHING.  If he does bring things home, it NEVER actually finds his "take home folder" and is often carried home in his hand and stuck in the daycare bin or crumpled up and thrown in the bottom of his backpack.  He has already lost his reading bag, twice, which is supposed to come home everyday.  He leaves his hat, gloves, jacket and anything else just about everywhere but home (read the bus, daycare, in his cubby, in daddy's car, etc).  It's infuriating.  I truly believe beginning good practice early is important.  Hubs thinks teaching him sports skills is important, this is the battle I choose to wage with him...his education.  I've already become one of THOSE moms, who emails the teacher on a regular basis.  I'm an educator.  I say, suck it up teacher, it's your job.  I deal with crazy parents regularly, and I'm not one of those.  I am just concerned, or that's what I tell myself anyway :)  So, we continue to try to find new ways for T to stay organized and remember, short of pinning things on his body.  Any advice or tools you have found to work would be greatly appreciated.

I have to admit in an aside, however, that being a working mom to a school-aged child is very hard.  I, myself, forget to put money in his bag, sign a permission slip, send his library book to school on the correct day.  I'm failing at my own jobs.  How can I judge him...ya know. 

Who me, mom?!  How can you ever be frustrated by this face?!

Completely different struggles with B, albeit normal ones.  We have now entered the hitting and tantrum phase (oh the whining and crying...kill me now).  How fun.  ::eye roll::  Ever since the daycare moved B to the older room (18-24 months) she has found her inner baby she entered a game of survival of the fittest and it's hit or be hit (oh, and  It's always nice to have a raging toddler coming at you (or, sadly, the dog) with her hand raised, ready to lay a wallop on you.  She hits when she's frustrated, mad, sad, or wants a toy.  She aims for the face, and I get the majority of the blows.  She also likes to scream bloody murder and throw her head back (no matter where we are).  The tantrums aren't horrible.  We just put her in timeout and ride it out.  I had to be reminded that T was even worse at this age.  He used to scoot himself across the floor on his back while screaming and bucking wildly, trying to get attention after we put him in timeout.  I have blocked it all out, I guess.  We rode his stage out, and he did grow past it, thankfully.  Here's hoping B also finds her communication skills, and that they don't include hitting, screaming or throwing herself to the ground.  And boy does this girl like the word "no".  Wow.  She's a finicky girl, for sure (see the diva look she's giving me below). 
How can this sweet girl turn into a hitting, screaming tantrum-throwing diva?  Oh, can happen. 
However, my kids are, overall, polite, sweet and loving kids.  Sometimes their heads spin around and I wonder who's children they are at that moment.  But, I would never trade them for the world.
 Next step...getting rid of that pesky binky.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  We are tryign to limit her usage to just naps and bedtime.  We are failing miserably.  It's hard to say "no" when she begs for it by name, while screaming and crying on the way home from daycare.  Momma is a tired, overworked wimp...and I give in and plug her up every time.  ::slaps hand::  HELP! 

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  1. I'm not the only one! P is tantrum city too. We have not yet tried time outs but I know they are coming. Ironically P picks up the paci (that she would never take as a baby) for a few hits now and then. It's kind of funny. Just know you're not the only one!


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