Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TAT: What Will Santa Bring?

Toddle Along Tuesday has a fun topic this week...possible Christmas list choices for the kiddos.

I couldn't believe how many bloggy moms have already started shopping or ::gasp:: had already finished AND WRAPPED their items.  WOW!   I have barely wrapped my head around Halloween, and it's tomorrow.  Christmas is a lifetime away.  I do keep a running "wishlist" on Amazon with some items the kids seem to show an interest in.  I have been taking notes from all the other mothers on fun, new ideas.  Stop on by TAT and take a look for yourself.  Here are my top three items as of now:

Age 5

1.  All Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures (I can't believe they're back!)
2.  Avengers Movie (he may not be "old enough", but we know he'll love it)
3. Thor light-up and shoot hammer (not our first shooting item...I've given up)

Age 18 months

1.  BABYDOLL Magic Doll Bottle Set
2. Little Mommy Baby
3.  Kidcraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen



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