Monday, May 4, 2009

We're still here!

Sorry we've been out of the blog world lately. It's been a crazy month with 4 weekends of traveling and new adventures at home. Mike made a trip down to visit his friend Dan in Columbia, SC so Ty and I were alone for a few days, then we had our spring break the week following down in Myrtle Beach (and we drove...yuck!), Tyler and I took a trip to LA last weekend to see a friend and her family, and this past weekend we were in Chicago for a wedding. On top of all of this, both Mike and I are training for a few triathlons this summer! Needless to say...we're living in an unorganized house, with piles of laundry and a list a mile long of things to do...but we're here and things are good, despite the exhaustion! I will try to update the blog and catch you all up on our adventures this week. Until then...

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