Thursday, May 7, 2009

Goin' Back to Cali

 few weeks ago, Ty and I took a trip out to LA to see our friends Kimmy and Eleanor. Another close friend, Kelly, who is 6 months pregnant, was also with us on the trip. It was my first time with a toddler on a plane and I was extremely nervous. I stocked up on as many activities, DVDs, sticker books, playdoh and snacks that I could stuff in my carry-on and hoped for the best. We had a layover, which I was not sure was a good or a bad thing, considering I'd never done this long of a trip before with Ty. Considering the length of the day, and the fact that both flights were redeyes, Ty did fantastically. There were two little moments during the entire trip where he started to scream and I started to panic, but when all was said and done he calmed down and even slept on one leg of the trip home (sweet relief!).

While in LA we got to do so many fun things. Kimmy is queen of toddler-friendly activities so she kept us all very busy. Her daughter, Eleanor, is 10 days younger than Ty so it was wonderful to watch them interact. Eleanor is so smart and quite a chatterbox so it was a great influence on Tyler. He came back with at least 5-10 new words in his vocabulary! :) We went to a beach in Malibu, ate at a biker hangout, went to a really neat farm, got fresh produce, spent countless hours in their amazing kid-friendly backyard, did duel baths, registered Kelly for baby products (I think we scared Kel with all the baby items she needs...haha), checked out Calabasas where the Kardashians live, and spent some amazing quality time catching up and reminiscing about old college times (man did we laugh!). Kim's hubby also allowed us a night out on the town for some amazing sushi, although any sushi in comparison to Cincy sushi is amazing:) It was a wonderful trip and I'm so grateful Kelly allowed us to tag along on her yearly jaunt out west. Thanks girls!

Ty and I on a beach in Malibu on our first day
Kimmy and Eleanor...she was determined to get in that oceanKelly, due in August, practicing her Mommy skillsChecking out the various animals at the farmThe roosters scared the heck out of Ella, she fled to Mommy's leg:)Eleanor's Daddy putting up countless fun objects to play with in their beautiful Cali backyard

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