Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eleanor & Tyler Sitting in a Tree

Recently a good friend of mine from college, Kimmy, and her gorgeous daughter Eleanor came into town. I was lucky that she had a day to spend with me, being that she was in town from LA visiting all her Ohio family and friends. It's always fun to get Eleanor and Ty together, given that they are only less than 2 weeks apart in age. It's truly amazing the difference between a boy and a girl around the same age. Ty has no fear physically, but doesn't express himself as well. Ella is a talkative toddler but is just a dainty little girlie girl. It took a little while to get them to warm up, but when they did it was a good time for all. Although I wish Kimmy and I had more time for girltalk, it was so amazing and special watching our children together. We've come a long way from drinks at Saloon and our partying at Miami! Ty and I look forward to our trip to LA in April to visit Eleanor and her parents!

laps around the island
snack time
Tyler clearly being gentlemanly (sarcasm)beautiful Eleanor!

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