Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed In

So we finally got snow in Cincinnati, which of course closed down all the schools and brought the city into a panic...such a new experience for me being from Chicago. Like Lisa in St. Louis, Cincinnati just doesn't have the capability to handle all this snow, and with the hills and country roads...snow just throws a monkey wrench into life around here. However, if school is going to tell me to stay home for 2 days with my son and still get paid...bring on the snow! Ty and I tried to get outside a bit and help Daddy out by shoveling our ridiculously long driveway. I also got to pull Ty on his sled, which he enjoyed until his hands started getting cold and that was my sign to toss in the shovel and go inside. Today we have 1" of ice and now it's snowing 4-10" more inches on top of the 4-6" we already have...when it snows there's no fooling around! Thanks Grams for Ty's new boots...they were great!

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  1. Yay for snow days!! Glad you were able to enjoy some extra time with Ty!


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