Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From Waddlers to Toddlers!

Today was Tyler's last day in the waddler room at his daycare. He's been transitioning to the toddler room for the past week and a half, and moves full-time tomorrow. When his teachers told me he was due to move I was a bit freaked out (imagine that). I was just getting used to the routine and loved his teachers, and now they were telling me he had to move...whoa...he's growing up way too fast...slow down why don't ya! After a Christmas break of trying to get my head around the idea (and some of Mike talking me down off the ledge!), I agreed to follow through with the transition, and it's gone very smoothly. Luckily, 3 other boys from the waddler room, along with of his old teachers, were also moving to the new room. That seemed to help the process along, for Ty...and for me! Ty now has many new daily activities that he didn't do in the waddler room:
1. no baby gates...the entire room is free to roam...and get in trouble (yikes!)

2. leaving the room to have lunch in the common lunchroom. I still can't believe they get the kids to sit by the door and hold hands to walk to lunch together! Quite a sight to see!

3. no more bibs...they do more of a smock...and only for messy lunches, not for snacktime!

4. snacks and breakfast at a small table and chairs instead of the high chair table he was sitting at before

5. sleeping on a cot...yes folks...a cot!! If you're laughing your butt off just thinking of my high-energy toddler without the bars of his crib to keep him contained during naptime...that's exactly what I did. I laughed and told his teachers "glad it's you and not me". I am glad to report...I ate my words! On the first day on his cot Ty slept 3 hours! Although it takes some back rubbing and supervision, he's doing great, and getting better everyday. He woke up yesterday with a start and fell off the cot, bumping his head and biting his lip. But since the cot is only a few inches off the ground, it was a minor incident and he was fine!

I still can't believe my little baby boy is an energetic, defiant, charismatic, independent toddler. It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home. I am proud to report, Mom has survived his transition...and Ty barely noticed a difference...he just went right on playing and enjoying his friends!

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