Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Head Todd

I confess...I am obsessed with Big Head Todd and the Monsters. I have seen them 20 times now, the first time being when I was in high school! If you don't know who they are...shame on you :) Get to downloading their music on your iPod immediately! Mike was sweet enough to think about me and buy us tickets to their concert in Cincinnati last Tuesday, their first time in the general area since we moved here. I have to admit, however, that I did know of the concert date...as I am in their fan club and get fan club emails (I know...laugh away!). Anyway...as luck would have it, we had 6 inches of snow pelt the area in 3 hours the night of the concert. I thought there was no way we would get there but...after 2 hours on only 13 miles of highway...we got to the concert! I was in heaven, to say the least! They are spectacular live!! It was a really great concert hall too, the closest I've ever been to them. I loved every minute! I uploaded some video on facebook if you're interested:)

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