Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas in Cleveland

After a couple of great Christmas eve celebrations, we had Tyler open presents from Santa on Christmas morning with my parents, Brian, Mike and I watching on! Grams helping Ty unwrap gifts Sweet gift Mommy & Daddy Mommy and Ty enjoying one of his new books from his stocking
Ty pushing around all his new loot in his shopping cart...a gift from Uncle BrianAfter all the presents were opened, we made the trip up to Cleveland for a few days. We stopped first to see Mike's Grandma Neida and Aunt Louise for a Christmas dinner and gift exchange in Mayfield Heights. Mike & Mike's annual matching gifts from Aunt Louise! I'm jealous actually...I want to steal that red one!
Ty snuggling his new bear from his Great Aunt Louise and checking out Great Grandma Neida's tree..."wow's just my size!"
After quality time with Grandma Neida, we headed over to Sandusky to meet up with the Hester/Burkle family of 60+ for a hotel celebration, glow-in-the-dark bowling, and dinner. Our family is so big, that we have to rent an entire block of rooms at a hotel, plan events and dinners, and get a party room so we can spend time all together in one central location. This year we stayed at a hotel that had a bowling alley, waterpark and a famous bar in it. Great choice this year Debbie! It' s always an adventure!

Tyler checking out cousin was the first time I thought he might be old enough to handle a sibling. How cute is that!?
Mom (Grams) taking her turn at glow-in-the-dark bowlingNotice the glow-in-the-dark blowing extravaganza in the background...toddler sensory heaven!
Don't's empty...but I thought it was funny anyway! Drinking and bowling :)What can I say...the boy is obsessed with balloons...see exhibits A, B & C below:) Grams and Granddad grabbing a few more minutes with Ty before we headed home

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  1. OMG, he's bigger than your Mom! He's getting so big so quick!!!


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