Friday, June 20, 2008

Water Tots

We are on week 2 of swim lessons with Tyler. Water tots is a half hour class of parents and toddlers from 6-18 months. We swim the lazy river, work on kicking and floating on the back and tummy, blow bubbles (but in Tyler's case it's drink the water), do the hokey-pokey (Mike loves this part) and go through a hula hoop underwater. Ty is definitely a water baby. He is the only baby splashing around and freely putting his face in the water (so much that we can't get much else done during the lesson). Although we have both been so busy in the water experiencing the lesson with Ty unable to take any pictures...I did take a picture right before the lesson began. The pix shows part of the indoor pool we go to and Ty with Daddy testing out the water. The facility is quite amazing. It has a huge pool with slides, a water feature, a small lazy river, huge hot tub and a few waterfalls. It's amazing and really fun. We aren't members of the community center (yet!) but it is really a pleasure to get to use it once a week.

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