Monday, June 30, 2008

Jam-Packed Weekend

It's been a helluva few days here in Cincinnati. We had a huge weekend! My mother-in-law got married on Saturday to a wonderful man, Dave, who's been in our lives for a few years now. We are very lucky Marcia has found a companion and someone we really enjoy being around. It was a lovely affair, quite a success. Our family got to walk down the aisle together and I (brace yourself) sang at the wedding. It went pretty well and, as nervous as I was considering I hadn't sung in front of anyone in 12 years, I got lots of compliments. Needless to say I was so happy when it was over and needed a stiff drink when I got into the limo.

In other big news in the Scherman household...Tyler is walking! He decided a couple days before his 1st birthday that he was done with the whole crawling thing and he was ready to get to steppin'. He's been getting better ever since and was a big hit this weekend just cruising around the rehearsal, wedding, reception and his birthday party. Unfortunately...when he saw everyone staring at him down the aisle on the day of the wedding...he wanted nothing to do with walking down so I carried him...but that's okay! Unfortunately my camera was dead as a door-nail and we couldn't find the charger in the hysteria of the morning activities so I have no pictures to speak of...but I know Grandparents, friends and relatives took pictures, and we have the professional shots too so I'll post a few when I get them. Ty looked adorable in his khakis, brown shoes and green polo :)
On Sunday after the wedding festivities, (what was I thinking!) we had Tyler's fish-themed 1st birthday party. We had 50 of our closest friends and family over to BBQ, throw some water balloons, dive into some cake, and enjoy each other's company. It was truly a success and...although my stress level could not have been higher (due to the wedding, singing, and the party looming) it was completely worth it (although I could do without the zits left behind because of it!). I really loved all the decorations, the cake was adorable and everyone that RSVP'ed attended. Although our home looks like a plastic tornado hit it...we can not believe how truly blessed we are and what wonderful and generous friends and family we have. Tyler is one lucky boy to have all that love surrounding him. Happy 1st Birthday Tyler! Welcome to year #2!
Brace yourself...lots of pictures for those of you who couldn't make the trip!
His cute cake from my new favorite bakery...Servattis :)My attempt at fish-shaped sugar cookiesFish straws for the drinks and next to that are the cups with fish stickers on them on the fish net original idea was to buy live fish but my hubby brought me down to reality and I ended up getting these puffy stickers and it worked out great!Got these great wooden fish and sea creatures from hobby lobby and stuck them on everything (thanks Carol for the idea!)I drapped fish nets all over our deck and my mom cut out paper fish to stick in them Ty with his ridiculous number of me this pile meant plastic hell for someone who is a minimalist at home...I just kept thinking...where am I going to put all this?!Tyler's personal cake he got to dive into...the bakery made a small version of the original cute!Everyone singing happy birthday diving into his cake
This was one of Ty's gifts from us and he and the boys loved itSome of the older boys partaking in a water balloon fightOpening gifts...Ty lasted about 3 gifts then the older kids helped me open the rest...they loved it! Ty helping Mommy clean up after the party with one of his new toys...a vacuumA gift from the Horn family...we love it and can't wait to push Ty around the neighborhood!

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  1. Looks like you did a great job with the party! Happy first bday Ty!! I can't believe he is already one and walking! Where does the time go???


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