Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stride Rite is right!

So we caved in and bought our first pair of Stride Rite shoes (yikes...those puppies are expensive!). My friend Kimmy, who has a daughter around Tyler's age, raved about these shoes making a huge difference in Ella's ability to walk and stand on her own. So...........we (that means me AND MIKE!) took Ty for his first Stride Rite fitting. He has two different sized feet (one measures 3.5 and one 4.5...go figure!) Mommy and Daddy couldn't agree on a pair, he wanted tennis shoes and I felt they were too hot for Cincinnati weather and was leaning towards sandals...but we finally found a pair we could both be happy with...in a 4 to fit both of his feet :) It was a big to-do at Stride Rite...they even took our picture after we bought the shoes and gave us a little reminder card on when Ty should come back for a re-fitting. All in all...we were glad we did it and it seems to already had an affect on his confidence in his ability to stand and walk, taking a few steps on his own THAT DAY! We're waiting for him to just let go and walk away...it's oh-so close now! Two thumbs up to Stride Rite!!!

Ty trying out the shoes by doing his favorite activity...pushing his lion

Tyler prefers to push his lion the non-traditional way and it drives me crazy on our new wooden floors (I fear scratches!)I'm a rock-in-roll stud mommy!

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