Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break

This week Mike, Tyler and I joined my parents on Sanibel Island in Florida for a little R&R over my spring break. It was Ty's first trip on an airplane which was both exciting and terrifying for Mike and I. He did pretty well, considering he was getting over a terrible cold and he's now a mobile, antsy, talkative little 9 month old boy. Needless to say, Mike and I were both exhausted after tag-teaming on the flights down and back...but it was completely worth it! We used just about every trick in the book to keep him calm...bottles, puffs, cookies, toys, tylenol, singing, name it! :) We had an amazing vacation and can't thank my parents enough for including us for the 3rd year in a row. It was a true joy watching Tyler experience his first trip to the beach and in a pool. He just loved the sand and didn't eat too much of it. Ty also loved his new floatie from Grams. It was quite a contraption (see below pictures) and he spent quite a bit of time in the pool just floating and splashing away. We had a great time! Now if only the weather here in Cincy would warm up a few degrees it would finally start to feel like it's spring. Oh winter blues:(

This is where we stayed...views of the beach from the dock leading from the pool to the beach

View of the pool and Gulf from our condo porch. It was perfect! Thanks Mom!

Tyler's first day on the beach!Dipping our toes in the was freezing and Ty cried almost immediately! But we had to get the picture!Checking out the sandCheck out the shades:) He's one cool dude!Ty and Granddad in the condo pool in Tyler's new fun floatie (highly recommended!)Can you tell he's teething?! That tongue just wouldn't quit!Grams and Ty at our first seafood dinner (can't get any better than crab and mojitos!)The fam on the beach Enjoying day 2 of the beach. Striking a pose :)Hanging on the porch in our condo with GranddadStartin' early...that's our boy:)Mike and I enjoying a cold, much needed drink (take's Mike that has the strawberry daiquiri and not me!)


  1. Looks like you guys had fun! It makes me long for warm weather here too!!

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