Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrating Baby G

Hot mamma!!

On March 8th all our close friends came together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Marina & Corey's baby boy, due May 21st. We can't wait to welcome him into our growing group of kiddos. It's really amazing to watch my closest high school friends go through all the phases of life. It's even more amazing to go through all of these amazing moments together. The baby shower was held at my parents' house in DG and was a spring theme with a boy twist (turtles, frogs and bugs). Carol, Pam, Lisa and I had so much fun planning the event and being creative with our theme. It was a great success and Marina and Corey got some great swag for there baby boy G. Although I had to drive through a snow storm to get there...it was 100% worth it to see the excitment on my friend's face as she prepares for the next big step in her life! We can't wait to meet you baby G!!!

The proud parents to be!
Lisa, Marina and I...finally it's not me or Lisa that are preggo...it's Rina!
The cute cake (nice work Pammers!)
Opening gifts with the Abuela-to-be

Becky (preggars with her 2nd) hanging out with Ty
Corey practicing his Daddy skills
The cute decorations!

My bug creations :)

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