Sunday, March 16, 2008

Moving at Warp Speed

Tyler has had a few big milestones as of late:
1. He's pulling up on EVERYTHING...and I mean everything...including my leg, the dog, his rocker, his walker, the coffee table, the stairs, the name it!
2. He's cruising (walking around the coffee table holding on and around his crib)
3. A tooth has appeared...FINALLY! One lone tooth has poked out of the skin on his lower right side. Ty definitely has been having teething pains and drooling up a storm as a result...but we were glad one finally appeared.
4. The crawling is now in warp speed and we're constantly running after him. He's definitely figured it out.
5. I think I saw my first baby sign. We always do the sign for "more" with him during dinner and I swear he did it a couple of times. I'm now even more determined to make these things work.

"Mommy...where's my puff?"

Gettin ready for spring break!Playing drums on pans (thanks for teaching him that Granddad!)


  1. Way to go Tyler! I really liked doing signing of basic words to Mia. She still uses "more" today, along with saying it.


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