Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tyler the Toddler

Tyler is officially a toddler. He's crawling like the wind and pulling up on everything vertical. It's amazing to watch his transformation. Ty is also so close to walking. He can walk while holding our fingers and is getting better everyday at walking with his push walker we got him for Easter. Of course, his favorite and most dangerous activity is when he gets going in his walker. He literally rams anything and everything, including me, the dog and any open door. He pushes anything that rolls along with him and moves at unbelievable speed when he sees the fridge or pantry open. Ty also decided this weekend that he was "so over" breastfeeding and started to refuse to feed from me. It was both sad and liberating at the same time. I would much rather he refuse me than me have to refuse him as he screams for food. This is the best way to wean and he was obviously ready to do so. I'm coping okay. I miss the closeness and I'm in a bit of pain, but things are moving along fine in that department so far. Such is life! On a more exciting note, Ty is eating more and more table foods lately, even enjoying taco meat the other night. We're enjoying trying new things with him and it's clear to us he's getting bored with the baby food and is ready for the next stage of sustinance. We welcome the change.
Eating taco meat...yummy! I was really surprised he liked all the spices.
The last three days have been 65-75 so we've been enjoying the warmer weather. Ty had never experienced grass before so I took him outside to check it out. At first...he wanted nothing to do with it and looked both confused and disgusted that I just sat him in it. Although he made some awful faces and cried a bit, he did finally take the plunge and crawl over to me...as much as he didn't want to put his hands down on the grass. It was hilarious to watch! :)

Friday was also Mike's 31st bday so on Sunday we went with friends and family to BD Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Mike recently lost 26 lbs, so it's a nice treat for him to have an all-you-can eat night out:) Mike's best friend, Kevin, his wife and two boys joined us as well. My how far these two have come...from 5th grade to a wife and kids!


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