Sunday, December 9, 2007

Trimming the Tree

Our naked tree is finally trimmed and looking good. We cranked the Christmas tunes and decorated our 1st tree with Ty.
In other Tyler news, he's still sleeping soundly in his crib and now that we've invested in a video monitor we are too! Ty is doing a few new things. He is now making various raspberry sounds, with and without his tongue out. It's hilarious...but messy...especially if there's baby food involved. Speaking of baby food...we're working on introducing new foods to him. We had a bit of a setback last week when he came down with a horrible rash and we couldn't pinpoint the cause. I took him to his Dr and Ty was diagnosed with excema brought on by allergic reaction, sweat and rubbing of clothes that are not 100% cotton. The Dr also said he was 16lbs 5oz! We finally figured out that the culprit was actually the baby cereal...and not any of the new baby foods. Now that we've eliminated the cereal completely and gotten ourselves some prescription lotion...all is good and his rash has vastly improved! Phew! So far we've tried sweet potatoes, carrots and squash and they have all been successful. Ty is a big eater and seems to really enjoy eating off a spoon. It really has been an easy transition for him...he got the hang of it quickly and we look forward to introducing more foods soon.
Tyler has also begun to enjoy peek-a-boo-like games and laughs uncontrollably when we scare him. The most exciting new trick Ty has begun is reaching out for me. I almost cried when he first did it. He's also working on sitting up, although it's in the very early stages. I have a feeling...however...when it happens it'll be sudden! Everyday is a new adventure and we're loving it!

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