Friday, December 21, 2007

He's 1/2 a year!!!

Even though Ty doesn't officially turn 6 months old until Christmas Day, we took him for his 6 month appt today. The doctor was pleased at his development and said the excema looked better after using the cream, so all is going well! He weighed in at 16lbs 12oz and was a WHOPPING 28" long! His weight gain has slowed considerably, which is normal I guess. He's now in the 40th percentile. For height, however...he's in the 98th! Our little man is a bean pole...long and thin like Mommy! Here's hoping that he stays that way and is our little professional basketball player or future Ohio State linebacker! :)

Ty continues to tackle baby food and is probably the happiest child ever! He's a charmer! He's digressed in the way of sleeping, however. He's now waking up 2 or 3 times during the night and we're TIRED and CRANKY. There goes the chance that on my vacation I'd get some much needed sleep. He's learned how to turn his aquarium on and off in his crib and often flips over from his tummy to his back during the night to talk and play...AND CRY! He's trying to form words already...quite a vocal child indeed (another trait he acquired from me who was talking in sentences by 9 months!). He might not look like me but he certainly has my personality...YIKES!
We took Ty to visit Santa at the local mall last weekend and he was a perfect, smiley angel. We got two great shots and were pleased that it worked out well...after waiting in line for an hour. There was one minor mishap...Ty never spits up and right before we were to take the pictures, Tyler spit up all over his cute shirt right in line. Oops! Luckily...Santa held Ty right on the spot where he soiled himself so it all worked out fine...and makes for a great story!
In line to visit Santa
Tyler James and tears here!
Our tired boy (and Buddy) after a long day Christmas Shopping with Mommy
Too many little time

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