Saturday, December 15, 2007

Introducing Buddy

Tyler has a new little friend...Buddy! Ty and I were perusing Walmart on Friday for Christmas gifts and as I was passing through the baby aisles to pick up diapers...there he was. I have been trying to find a stuffed animal for Tyler for a while now. Everything I have found in the past he is either completely uninterested in, or the material comes off and would ultimately accumulate in Tyler's mouth. When Tyler saw Buddy...he immediately grabbed him and gave him a great big hug, before slobbering all over him..basically solidifying that I would buy it for him :). They were instant friends! After getting him home, Mike and I debated as to whether it was a dog or a bear. We settled on a bear, and named him Buddy. I didn't realize until we got him home that when you press his paw he laughs uncontrollably...and this makes Tyler squeal with glee. It's one ugly stuffed animal...I gotta admit...but Ty adores him so who am I to judge:) Welcome to the Scherman family Buddy!

Giving Buddy a great big hug

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