Saturday, December 15, 2007

He's got some new moves

Tyler has officially rolled over from back to front. It has happened while he reaches for his toys that are just out of his reach. This weekend it happened overnight when he flipped over onto his back during the night and, after some play time, decided he wanted to go back to sleep so he flipped himself back over and fell asleep.

We're still working on baby food. His newest food was bananas...although he preferred sweet potatoes and carrots to the new addition. We gave bananas 3 out of 5 stars! We are going to try peaches and pears next, then pray he'll eat his green veggies and try peas and green beans. It's fun watching him try new flavors and react to the first bite. The faces he makes are priceless!

He is learning more everyday and it's truly amazing watching him explore and discover. Just recently we had him in his exersaucer and we noticed when he got a toy stuck between his body and the seat he cried with frustration. Ty loves the picture of the dog in his exersaucer. We are convinced he recognizes the dog as Callie, who is Mimi's dog. Ty spends weekdays at his Mimi's and Callie has become a regular fixture in his life. He literally gets excited and tries to rip the toy off the exersaucer when we show it to him. He has also begun to make this grunting sound when he wants something, and grabs just about anything within his reach nowadays. Everything goes straight into his mouth! He makes obvious "look at me" sounds when he wants our attention, even when we're clear across a room. He now reaches for me, Mike and his Mimi. It's adorable and I love to feel wanted.

One recent problem we've had is Ty resisting naptime. He screams bloody murder if we try to put him down when he's quite obviously exhausted, then he crashes at night. We hope it's just a phase. We're still breastfeeding, but hoping to wean him within the month. I'm just tired of pumping at work and exhausted by the stress of making sure I can provide enough for him while I'm away. He's already gotten the majority of the benefits of breastfeeding and, although I love the closeness when I'm home, Mommy needs a break. He's ready! We have never given any formula before so we pray the transition won't be difficult.

He's such a happy baby and we tell each other everyday how lucky we are to have him! We are so in love with him and are really enjoying parenthood, even though it's a ton of work!


  1. Hi, i accidentally hit typed in the wrong family blog, but decided to read it and your son is beautiful. That is wonderful how you and your husband met in Miami. My Husband and I moved from Va to Florida this past April and i was 17 weeks pregnant with our 2nd boy 5th baby, I ended up delivering down in Miami Jackson Memorial. They found a Heart defect when i was 19 weeks at my ultra sound visit, you can Visit my blog at if you want to see his journey and pictures. You guys look like great Parents and your son is adorable, and i am glad you have such a healthy baby.

  2. Ty is geting so big! I totally know what you mean about the whole breastfeeding thing-I was so glad when I was finally done pumping! I breastfed Mia until about 6 months, and the transition to formula was very easy. When you start to transition, you can always start by adding a little formula to his breastmilk and then slowly increasing it until it is just formula. I have heard this works for a lot of people. Take care and we hope to see you sometime soon!


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