Friday, December 28, 2007

Meeting Ella

My good friend Kimmy & her hubby had a little girl, just 2 weeks after we had Tyler. Although they live in LA, Kimmy and I always joke about how Eleanor and Tyler will be boyfriend and girlfriend and how much fun we'd have introducing them to each other. Well...Kimmy and her hubby came back into town to spend time with their families, and we finally got to see each other and introduce Tyler to Ella. It was hilarious! Ella is a very spirited little gal and Ty is very chill and laid back. They were very intrigued by each other and had fun meeting their new friend. It really was a special time to see my long-lost friends and their new little girl. It's a far cry from getting drunk together at Miami, but how amazing was it to share another phase of our lives with each other!!

Hello lover!Tyler kissing Ella's hand...okay...well he was trying to put it in his mouth but close enough! :)Eleanor opening up her Christmas giftElla and her awesome parents

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