Monday, October 29, 2012

Why I Might Only be a Summertime Blogger...

I have quickly learned that mom of two + wife + resident house manager & cook + working mom with brand new responsibilities (and lots of them) = the WORST blogger E.V.E.R.  After 5 solid years of blogging, I'm struggling to find the time...clearly.  I really WANT TO be a better blogger, if not for my readers, than for me and the great footprints I leave behind for my children.  It IS important to me to keep this electronic baby book going.  Plus, I like to blog.  But I'm really dropping the ball here.  Will you forgive me? 

I have so much to catch you all up on in our lives. 

I haven't posted the rest of the pictures from our HHI vacay, T started kindergarten and we've had many struggles, frustrations and excitements from that, B is in her first year of daycare.  It's been...interesting, B is talking, running and being a general baby-loving, binky wearing, no-saying diva, T is just finishing up his first outdoor soccer season and starting wrestling this week (oh lord), hubs and I completed a marathon, hubs is now also a tough mudder and we have been staying busy with lots of travel and fall activities.  So much to say...but so little time...more like NO TIME. 

I'll just take a little at at time.  Just make sure you always scroll down until you get to an old post.  Who knows how many I'll be able to squeeze into a day of catch-ups.  Until then, I'll leave you with a couple picture teasers.

T & B in their daycare photos
Our kindergarten man in his AM panda room

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  1. It's busy but I forgive you! It was great to see you think weekend!


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