Friday, September 14, 2012

17 Months of Awesome With our Girl

I still can't believe I have a girl!  I also can't believe it's been 17 months since she came into our lives.  I can't imagine one second without her!  Happy 17 month bday little lady!

Size:  growing out of all 12-18 months and size 4 diapers.  Moving into 24 months fast.

New words since 15 months:  bow, teeth, eyes, nose, Tyler (Twy-wur), shoes, hello, no, mine, yeah, knee, down, bunny, Gram, Granddad, Mimi, Papa, cat, I love you, kiss, awe, thank you mama, pee-pee, potty, grasshopper (no, seriously), dude why, spoon, I pretty
P.S.  This is what a blog post looks like of a working mom of two who's trying to keep it all together... ::sigh::  Hoping to return to normal blog-posting-dom one day.  :)

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  1. Great picture! I hope things calm done soon. We need to get together sometime!

  2. I hope things calm down for you soon. :)


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