Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby Girl Turns 8 Months

Time is flying by at warp speed.  I truly can't believe B is 8 months today.  WOW...double WOW. 
Here are B's recent monthly stats:

Age: 8 speedy months (and my favorite number I might add)

Stats: When we last weighed her at 7.5 months, she was just shy of 15 lbs. 

Size (diapers, onesies, etc.): We finally transitioned her into size 3 diapers, and I'm so glad I did.  She has lots of room to grow.  Her clothes are mostly 9 months now, she's in a few 6 or 6-9 items.  I'm already buying 12-18 months stuff...incredible how quickly she grows out of things :(

Sleeping: More times than not, she is still waking up at least once for her binky (sometimes twice) but I can now get through an entire night without feeding her.  She usually wakes up to eat around 5-6am, then will go back down to sleep until 8:30-9am.  She is an absolute breeze to put to bed.  I nurse her to sleep, insert her binky, put her down on her back (she immediately puts her hands on her hair) and turn on her sheep to rain, and she's out.  Recently she's been waking up facing the other not sure how that's going down.

Eating: We are still BF, but I've noticed a substantial drop in my pumping output during work.  Instead of being able to accumulate 2-3 extra bags to freeze every week, I'm lucky to get 1 or 2.  I am just keeping up with my MIL.  I still have 7 bags, and she takes 2 weeks to go through 1 IF I provide her with the morning bottle.  I get down on myself sometimes when I am struggling with producing...but I have to remind myself to be proud.  With my son we were already supplementing with some formula mixed in with BM when I was at work, and be has had nothing but mommy's milk since day one.  I am accomplished in that.  I just get frustrated about pump production and not making it to my goal of 1 year.  I think I'll make it another month, at least, but who knows.  I'm struggling. 

As far as food goes, she's doing amazing...and we still are making our baby food.  I'm very proud we haven't spent money on that either.  She's eating the same schedule as last month, but last night she got her first table food, wheat noodles.  I'm excited to finally start transitioning her, but her lack of teeth is holding me back a bit.  T started at 9 months, so that's my goal with B.

1. first table food 12.13.11
2. pulling herself up for the first time
3. sitting in a restaurant high chair 12.10.11
4. Trip to the zoo lights & polar express
5. lots and lots of consonants - bbbbbb,dddddaaa,mmmm,gggggaaaa,hhhaaaaa
6. blowing bubbles/raspberries
7. big belly laughs

Memorable outings: Zoo lights & buying our first tree
Favorite toys/activities: binky, jumperoo, her purse/keys, the little bristles nuby teether, walker, baby einstein exersaucer, vibrating teether, hair, being held by mom, laughing at her brother (he can make her laugh like no one else)
Funny moments: B is very vocal and frequently squeals or says ba ba ba really loudly when we're shopping.  Recently, she has decided the grocery store is the perfect place to practice her raspberries, loudly.  I find it cute...but who knows what the rest of the patrons think.
Looking forward to: B's first Christmas, and watching her and T experience it all.  I am also looking forward to having some time off with my babies.  We are also thinking of going to Chicago for New Years to spend time with friends I haven't seen in forever.  I hope it works out.

Look at these two loves of my life:)

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