Monday, December 12, 2011

Milestone Monday: Holiday Hoopla

Wow, the Holiday hoopla has officially begun...aka a ridiculous amount of festivities, errands, wrapping, decorating, and overall holiday madness that fills our free time to the brim.  This weekend was quite an example of said holiday craziness, but a good one just the same.  Any time I have to spend with my family away from work is definitely a blessing, regardless.  So...what were we up to this weekend??  Here's an overview...

T received his video from Santa.  The site is called Portable North Pole, and it rocks!  If you haven't done this yet for your kids, you HAVE TO try it.  I was so impressed at how personal you can really make it.  T was so enthralled and engaged in the message from Santa, and he was so proud he was place on the "nice" list this year. 
After Friday night's neighborhood adults-only progressive dinner, where I proceeded to drink 3 different "themed" martinis at each house...we woke up Saturday morning to breakfast with Santa at T's daycare (and no hangover...thank God).  It is always nice when the daycare provides us with a chance to see Santa, so we can avoid the mall lines (aka hell).  T told Santa he wanted a bike and a remote-controlled monster truck.  I was just relieved he was consistent in his wishes since Santa has already shopped and wrapped :).  ::phew::
B was so interested in this white bearded fellow.  She didn't cry, but boy did she grab at his beard.  I think all the daycare staff gasped a little when she took a big handful and pulled.  That would have been quite a tragedy in front of lots of little ones. 
Santa saved the day, and his beard, with a jingle bells toy.
My cute kiddos with Santa.
We finally got our tree.  And is it up?  Yes.  Decorated?  Ummmmm....  At least some lights right?  Well......
T's big milestone for the weekend was moving from his carseat to a booster with a back.  It was a big deal for him, and for us.  I have to admit I was both excited and sad.  My boy is growing up wayyyy to fast :(
He was so excited it was called the "Big Kid" booster.  39.99 at Meijer...can't beat it :)
On Saturday night we braved the freezing cold temps to see the Zoo Lights, and I do mean LIGHTS because we saw not 1 single animal.  The entire night was a comedy of errors, from start to finish.  We were almost a hour late due to traffic getting to the zoo parking (note to self:  NEVER, EVER go again on a weekend),  the lots were all closed to we had to find a spot in BFE on the street, Bryn screamed all the way into the zoo due to the cold, they said our zoo pass (which we've had for 3 years now) didn't let in my husband (and this 19 year old thinks she's gonna fight with ME on this?!, we lost B's binky and were searching all over the gift store only to find it hidden in the hood of T's coat (she must have dropped it), I forgot wipes, B wanted no part of her car seat or the stroller, only my arms, so I carried her all night long, did I mention it was FREEZING and a claustrophobic NIGHTMARE (like a million joke), the 1st grader we were with threw a temper tantrum, T couldn't feel his feet or hands, when we got to BW3s afterwards they were showing a UFC fight RIDICULOUSLY LOUDLY I might add, on basically every screen in the whole place (great for 5 kids under 7...awesome), our food took forever, and the kids were literally passing out at the table.  We TRIED to have fun...but as you can see from the long list of was quite a fail of a night.  Oh well.  The kids liked the lights...I think. 
Our friends the Frantz Family, with Connor (7), Logan (4) and Lily (1)
The bundled up Scherman Family Four
B's big milestone of the weekend was finally sitting in the restaurant high chair.  She loved it, and so did we.
My little loves trying to eat amidst the UFC bloodbath occurring around them...classy.  Oh and did I mention it was a BW3s on a college campus?!  Can you say kids in a bar?!  : /
Sunday was pretty normal...lots of errands, laundry and football.  Although the weekend was eventful, every moment with my hubs and my kids is a true pleasure.  I'm so lucky! Happy Monday all.  I hope your holiday hoopla is going much more smoothly than mine. :)

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