Sunday, August 30, 2009

The PERFECT Day!!!!

My summer was incredible...but went far too fast. It's such a gift to be a teacher for so many reason, one of which is having 9 weeks with my son full-time. It is both a blessing and hard because it gives me a taste of what life would be like as a stay-at-home mom, and I love every minute of it! It makes for a very hard first week back to work that's for sure!!! Damn the need for money huh?! What I wouldn't give to be able to do this all the time. I loved seeing him change every day and really felt a part of all of his learning and growth. Ty is at a really fun age, where everything is new and fun, and he's portable and communicative. Such a difference from last summer at age 1. The year between 1 and 2 brings such huge changes! He has become a very independent chatterbox, and I love that about him! On our last weekday together, Ty and I had kind of a summative day, a day that incorporated some of our favorite summer activities. It could not have been more perfect, and so bittersweet! The weather cooperated and we had a great time. I can't wait until June 2010 to do it all over again!

We started out the morning having breakfast at Panera. I forgot to take pictures there. Ater breakfast we headed to our favorite park to feed the ducks and geese. Ty could not love this simple activity more. After fending off all the ducks and geese who were following us around...we played at the park for hours! He's a daredevil now, very comfortable with most of the parks in our area.After the park, we went to the Smoothie King to get smoothies together...another of our favorite activities on hot summer days.
After lunch and naptime at home, we took Cincy for a walk around the neighborhood and played outside until Daddy came home from work so we could go to our neighborhood pool to swim. Ty can actually walk Cincy all by himself now. Cincy is so good being patient with him. It's adorable to watch...until Ty tries to pick up Cincy's poop with no baggie...oops!
I'm so sad summer has come to an end. I was incredibly lucky to watch Tyler change and grow this summer. I wish I could be with him all the time. It's such a gift and I certainly didn't take a minute for granted! We had a blast!

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