Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random July Shenanigans

I know I'm ridiculously behind in my blogging. Here's a bunch of random stuff we did in July. We spent lots of time at parks, pools, doing short day trips to see friends and family and I spent much of July training...but ended up hospitalized instead. Fun times!

Ty got a great baby pool from his Grams and we used it a ton this summer.
BBQin' on his new grill from the Laskey fam...thanks guys!
Zoo adventures. We have season passes so Ty and I have taken quite a few trips to check out the Cincinnati Zoo. Checking out the Monkeys with MimiIn being home with Ty full time this summer, I got creative with what we did with our time. We discovered countless parks and pools. On rainy days, we went here...Shanon and I took a trip to Dayton for Kelly's baby shower. She has since had her baby, Ethan Christopher.Tball with Papa - he's batting Left :)I also competed in the Columbus International Triathlon in late July. It started out being a practice for my upcoming half ironman, but ended my triathlon summer career instead. I was taken in an ambulance and admitted for Pneumonia for two days 10 days before my half ironman. Four months of training down the drain...great! I did finish this one though...even though it was a pitiful finish, my worst performance ever!

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