Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

We took a trip to Chicago for a long weekend (Tuesday - Sunday) for the holiday break. It was a jam-packed (as per usual) trip back home...but we wouldn't have it any other way! I was able to catch up with old friends on the biggest bar night of the year. I met up with Dana Falco and Crystal Pace for a drink, or five, while the grandparents watched the munchkin. Although I felt bad for Mike, the three of us chatted away about old times and laughed a lot! I am looking forward to the next time I can see those girls, they are good friends! On the day of Thanksgiving, I somehow convinced Mike to run the Bonfield Express 5K with me (the annual Turkey Day race in good ole DG). Additionally, I got to run and catch up with the Pillsbury...always a pleasure! She is my oldest friend and when we get together it's like no time has passed. What a blessing a friendship like that is! I love her to pieces! All three of us felt great after the run, and we were ready to eat and relax. I was excited to see how Tyler reacted to the first Thanksgiving he could really enjoy. Unfortunately, naptime came right around the food being completed, so Ty's meal was a bit delayed. He didn't really get into the holiday fixins that day but, for some reason, shoved his face full of turkey, stuffing, carrots and beans the following day. It was a great day of food, laughs and naps:) (although a nap when you have a 17 month old doesn't really exist...but I enjoyed watching everyone else nod off!!) I am now officially addicted to Top Chef, and spent my down time watching a Top Chef marathon (thanks a lot Brian!) and doing online Christmas shopping. We don't really do the whole "Black Friday" event so we just relaxed and did family time. It was truly something to be thankful for...watching my parents spending quality time with Tyler. He's changing so fast, so it's great when they get to see his new tricks, hear his new words, and participate in many firsts (they do happen pretty much everyday now!). Ty loves his Grams and Granddad!

Mike & I before the Thanksgiving 5K we ran
Jen with TyTyler entertaining his crowd at the Thanksgiving mealUncle Brian and Ty
Quality time with the Burkle GrandparentsGetting into trouble:)I still can't believe how big he is already...time flies!

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