Monday, December 29, 2008

Prepping for Santa's Arrival

This year we really enjoyed picking out our Christmas tree with Tyler in tow (or Ty running around the tree lot at full speed). We found this great place that had 50% off coupons online so we got a killer deal...27.50 for a tree (woo hoo!). Now...problem is...the tree looked great hanging from the ceiling, it looked like the perfect tree. When we got it home and turned on the lights, we could see THROUGH the tree (I've gotta admit credit for picking such a crappy tree too...sigh!). It's our tall and skinny little Charlie Brown tree that never sucked up a lick of water. Oh least it lasted through Christmas and looked the part. :) Who could beat the price anyway. Tyler was obsessed with the lights and ornaments. He always whispered "wow" (one of my favorites of his words!) when we turned it on or passed it on the way up to bed at night. It was oh so cute!

We also got the chance to attend the Holiday party at Tyler's daycare. It was a very cute concept. Each room practiced and sang 1 Christmas carol for their family and friends at a designated time during the party. Tyler's "waddler" room picked Little Drummer Boy. His teachers had each toddler make and decorate their own drum they were to wear around their necks and drum during the song. Although Ty's string broke, he and his friends "sang" their carol and drummed away. It was adorable...and impressive...considering the room ages range from 12-18 months.

The daycare also provided a Santa Claus for the kiddos. We were excited to get another perfect picture with Santa (like last was oh so easy when he was 6 months), and not have to wait in line for hours at the mall to get it. Man were we in denial...see proof below. Thank God we didn't wait in the line at the would have been a disaster! :)

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