Monday, December 29, 2008

18 months...can you believe it?

Tyler turned 18 months on Christmas Day. I still can't believe it's been that long since he entered our lives, and obviously much longer than that since I found out we were pregnant. As cliche as it time does fly when you're having fun! Tyler James is the light of our lives...truly! We are constantly telling each other how awesome he is and how he's the most hilarious person we know. Our 18 month wellness visit to good ole Dr. K went well. Ty is still in the 95% for height at 34 1/4" (growing 1 inch since his 15 month appt) and 25 lbs (50%). He's no small fry for sure! It was hilarious though because this was the first time I held his hand and walked him into the examining room, the first time he said "hi" to EVERY nurse and receptionist he could find, and the first time he stood on the "big boy" scale on his own (and loved it so much he cried when I made him get off). He passed all the developmental questions with flying colors and got through his 1 shot like a trooper. And of course took a big poop right before Dr. K came in for the exam...natch!

Ty is now saying many more words: mommy, daddy, Mimi, Granddad (Ga-da), ball (more like bop), ni-ni (night night), bu-bye, hi, hello, dog, cat, Kelly, Dana (his teachers), up, down, thank you (more like nay-noo), Buddy, book, shoes (sooz), socks (boks), blanket (na-na), no/no...I'm sure there's more. This is a drastic change, though, from just a few weeks happened overnight! He also babbles constantly. He will come up to our faces and babble with a straight face for a few minutes, like he's having a full conversation with us. He even counts to 3 in his language when we count with him. It's adorable...and funny! He is just hilarious! I can't explain it more than just saying that...we are constantly laughing. Ty can now get up and down from the couch and bed on his own, he is obsessed with books and balloons (understatement!!!), climbs and stand on EVERYTHING, walks up stairs while holding the wall or a hand, loves making tents (aka blankets over his and our heads), and knows what the following things "say" (dog, cat, fish (you have to see it to understand) sheep, horse, frog, teacher, car). He throws really well too! Ty is all boy! We're now free from the bottles (finally!). We just can't believe how he changes every single day. It's amazing that he is understanding commands, responding to prompts, and has a memory like a steel trap (knows all his immediate family members and can point to them in person or in pictures AND every character from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). Tyler is also a singer and dancer. He sings along with me in the car constantly (in his language of course) and loves singing to his Disney TV shows. We could go on and on...but we'll just end by saying he's just awesome!

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