Wednesday, May 7, 2008

When Pigs Fly

This past weekend was the Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon and, although I was certainly not ready for the full, I did run the half marathon. It was a beautiful day of 55, perfect for running...and I ran my personal best of 1:42:20, just under a 8 minute mile 13.1 times over. I was certainly proud of myself, considering my goal was just to finish without stopping. I now feel ready to tackle a full marathon again and will sign up for one in the fall. Better pictures to follow!
My parents also came in town to see Tyler and watch the run. We had a great time walking around at the Expo (my Dad loves those freebies!), going to a carbo-loading dinner with Mike's family and my Aunt and Uncle, and getting up bright and early (the run start was at 6:30am) to head down to the marathon. It was a lovely weekend of Tyler-centered activites and quality Grandparent bonding time.
Playing in the box our new coffee table came bday present from my parents!Tyler's inventive and new way to use his walker :)

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