Thursday, May 29, 2008

Next Stop...1 year!

Tyler turned 11 months this past weekend, the same day mommy turned OLD...the big 3-0 (yikes)! We were lucky to spend a spectacular weekend up at the Burkle family lake house in Michigan hanging out with my parents (Grams & Granddad) and my brother (Uncle Brian) along with his girlfriend Therese (oh...and 3 lively dogs!). Ty now has 4 teeth (two top and two bottom) and is eating everything in sight. He's doing his first few baby signs and is learning to both walk and clap. He's also quite a ham...entertaining everyone at dinner each night with his laughs, funny faces and attention-grabbing sounds. He's in need of his THIRD haircut and is growing out of all his 12 month clothes quicker than we can get him in them for a time or two. He's growing with leaps and bounds...literally...and can really move up a flight of stairs! Our baby will be 1 on June's gone so ridiculously fast it's unreal! Warning: Lots of pictures below!

My friend Shanon, teaching Ty to color at my b-day dinner in CincyTy has also learned to point cute!Chillin' after a walk around townChecking out his first toad...he's definitely a boy:)Relaxing with Granddad at the lakeGrams & TyHe was happy...I swear! My mom dumped out toy she kept at the lake for all these years and he looked like a kid on ChristmasAs mentioned in the below post, I also had the pleasure to shoot down to Chicago on Sunday to meet the gorgeous little Hendrix David Gustafson. It was really amazing to see Marina & Corey as loving new parents and I am so happy for them. The first year goes so fast guys...enjoy the early days (even though you're sleep-deprived!)

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  1. I can't believe Ty is on his way to 1 already! Time flies, doesn't it?


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