Monday, May 19, 2008

The Dreaded 30!

This past weekend was a special best friend from college, Amy, and I had our big 30th birthday bash in Chicago. It was such a blast. My weekend started out with a relaxing day of pampering and hanging out with friends. Amy and I worked out and caught up, then I got to get a pedicure with my sister-in-law and a latte and take my time getting ready. I had sushi with my family at Rise, I was dying for some great sushi (God knows they don't have good sushi in Cincy)...Thanks Dad for dinner! Then we headed across the street to Sopo for the party. I have to thank my brother's girlfriend, Therese, and Andrew for going out of their way to make it a perfect night for Amy and me! It was awesome! I also want to thank everyone that came out that night to help Am and I celebrate our milestone birthday...especially Marina who came out 4 days before her due date with her lovely p's in tow, my parents "Friday night crew" who came down to the city for a few drinks to celebrate, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law as well as my Aunt for coming all the way from Cincy & Toledo to celebrate with us. It was truly a special night. My lovely hubby even made us a 6ft banner and my mom got us a beautiful cake! We had a blast. I wasn't feeling so hot the next day, and am still recovering today (I think I'm too old to party!) but it was worth it! Thanks everyone for making my 30th special and thanks to Amy for sharing her birthday celebration with me! Love you girl! One last thanks to our babysitter, Julia, who looked after Ty while we all went out to celebrate. I used to babysit Julia when she was just 2, now she's a sophomore at Miami and for me it was (as Oprah would say) a full-circle moment...or just another way to make me feel really old:) Thanks everyone for making my bday one to remember!
Dinner at Rise with the fam The birthday girls with our cake, banner and balloons at Sopo
Mom and her friends (the "Friday night" crew!)Muma, Poopie and me (Marina's fabulous parents are so special to me!! I was so excited to see them)
Gorgeous mommy-to-be, Marina, Pam, Kelly and IBlowing out our candlescutting the cakeMy Aunt Alison & sister-in-law, Cindy partying it up!
Mike, me and CindyMy fabulous, thoughtful hubby...who really made my day special...thanks baby!

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