Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We are thankful for...

...our family! This long weekend was wonderful spending time with my family who came in from Chicago. My brother hasn't seen Tyler since he was just 2 months old so it was really exciting to share all the ways he's changed and grown since then. We are also thankful to have the blessing of Tyler's Mimi (Mike's mom) taking care of him everyday. We are so grateful to her for taking time out of her retirement to give us the gift of piece of mind so we can go back to work and feel comfortable that Tyler is being taken care of. I don't think she knows quite how much we appreciate what she is doing and we are so very thankful for her love, her time and her kindness. It is more than a blessing...it is a miracle! It has definitely made my transition back to work much easier than it could have been and I really appreciate it so very much! Tyler is so obviously surrounded by love and we couldn't be more grateful for our family units and our great friends who support and love us.
Ty and Uncle Brian
Granddad and his buddy

my Dad has the touch when Tyler gets fussy

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