Tuesday, November 20, 2007

rockin'...and ROLLIN'

Mommy's favorite look, when he bites his bottom lip (we think it's a sign of teething but what do we know) :) Our little man hanging out and staying warm in his carseat

My baby rolled over last week. Although he did it all week over at Mimi's house, I didn't see it until Friday, November 16th when I picked him up from his Mimi's house after work. He rolled from front to back and has continued to do it a few times everyday since. Mike saw it on Saturday. We were so excited about the milestone! He now rolls over every morning and after every nap. We are looking forward to when he starts being more mobile. He's definitely changing with leaps and bounds every day. It's amazing how much he can change in just a week. Along with the rolling, he's also laughing a real laugh now. It's so fun to try to coax it out of him! He' s more fun everyday!

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  1. Oh my god, he is getting so big!!! He is so, so cute! Enjoy your first Thanksgiving together.


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