Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

This weekend was a BIG milestone for me...I ran my first race since giving birth. The town we live in, Mason, has a mini marathon they hold every year. The race is a 15K, for you non-runners that's 9.3 miles. I signed up a while ago thinking...oh I'll be ready by then (yeah right...what was I thinking?!). Well when the time came...I was SO nervous I wasn't going to be able to finish. The longest I had run since Tyler was born was about 6 miles, and it was a real struggle. I decided as long as I finished, even if I had to walk or run slowly, it would be a great accomplishment and give me the confidence I needed to strive for another marathon in the near future. Well...needless to say...I DID IT! I am so proud of myself and really feel back in control of my body...which is a nice feeling after surrendering it to someone else for 10 months, and 2 months of recovery at least. It was a full year of pregnancy...and I'm finally back in charge! My goal was to run it in under 90 minutes (at least a 10 minute mile) but I finished in an unofficial 76:20. I was elated! Mike and Ty came out to watch me run and I loved having their support. We bundled him up and Mike took him out in the baby jogger. I think some of the runners thought I was going to do the race while pushing him...YEAH RIGHT!
Stretching before the race. It was a chilly morning but a beautiful day for a race!

Our little burrito settling in to watch Mommy start the race

After the race...looking good!


  1. Good for you!!! Doesn't it feel good to get some sense of normalcy back? :) By the way, that baby of yours keeps getting cuter and cuter!


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