Tuesday, November 27, 2007


On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we took our first trip down to Newport, KY with my parents to take Tyler to the Newport Aquarium. We were so excited to see if he had any reaction to the exhibits because almost all of his toys have something to do with swimming fish. He loves his aquarium bouncer and can be lulled to sleep by his ocean wonders aquarium in his crib (thanks Becky!). It was so much fun! Not only did we all enjoy the fish, birds, snakes, penguins, otters, etc. but we enjoyed it twice is much watching Tyler's reaction to everything. We got to see some amazing animals. My personal favorites were the otters and the alligators. Ty seemed to like the large sharks swimming above him. That was an amazing part of the aquarium, watching the fish swim above you and feeling extremely close to them. As you can see by the pictures below, it was obvious he really "saw" the swimming fish and was really enjoying himself, until he got his belly full and passed out. It was fun to bring my parents down to Newport on the Levee and spend some time showing them around and sharing one of Ty's firsts with them. We hope to go back again soon!

Would have been a cute picture if Ty wasn't more interested in the floor...and yes...those are real penguins behind us!
Looking at all the fish from his stroller

Mommy & Ty "petting" the horseshoe crabs and the starfish
2 days after Thanksgiving...everyone gears up for Christmas...Happy Holidays
Looking at the fish swimming above himGrams, Mommy & Tyler posing with an octopus

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