Saturday, August 4, 2007

Tyler's friend Logan arrives!

Mommy & Tyler before our first "date night" since having a baby!
Logan Christopher Frantz 1 day old!
Logan and Mommy bonding at the hospital.
We got to see Logan's beautiful brown eyes while we visited.
Tyler with his new friend...can you believe how big Tyler is at 5 weeks in comparison to a newborn?! he's grown!

Our friends Kevin and Melissa Frantz had their second boy, Logan Christopher 10 days early, on August 3rd at 6:57am. When Melissa and Kevin arrived at the hospital, Melissa was already 6cm dialated and Logan made his appearance 3 hours later! He was 8lbs, 30z and 21" long with dark hair and brown eyes. Mike, Tyler and I went to see him the day after he was born and he is just beautiful. Connor is a proud big brother and mom and baby are doing great. We got to take pictures of Tyler with his new friend, which came out great! We are so excited for them to be friends and have play dates. It's very special because Mike and Kevin have been best friends since they were little and it is so exciting for their sons to be so close in age.

In family news...we had our first "date night" on Friday night and Auntie Cindy and Uncle Mike babysat while we went out for a nice dinner and a few much-needed cocktails! It was nice to get away and reconnect...but I have to admit that we talked about Tyler a lot at dinner and did call to check on him a couple of times. Auntie Cindy and Uncle Mike did a great job taking care of Ty...he just adores them already! Tyler is also learning how to push off our hands and push himself along the floor. He's so unbelievably strong! We love him more everyday...which is just amazing because our love is unending already!

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