Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tyler's first trip to the Lake

This weekend was a very important first in Tyler's life, his first trip to the lake! My parents own a house on a lake in Sister Lakes, Michigan and my family has been going up there since the early 80's. It is my most favorite place in the entire world and just an important part of my life. I was so excited to spend time with my new family up at the lake. It was also a bonus that my parents and brother were also there for the weekend so we all got to spend some quality time together. My brother hasn't seen Ty since a few days after he was born so we had fun reintroducing him to Ty. Tyler really enjoyed the lake and we even took him for his first swim in the lake. He didn't even cry! I was so glad that he enjoyed the water and will, hopefully, be a water-lover like his Mommy! We were lucky because the weather was perfect and the lake water was so warm. Tyler also enjoyed his first ride on our boat. It was a very exciting time for us as a family! I just can't wait until Tyler is bigger so we can teach him to swim, jet ski, water ski, tube and just enjoy the lake. Brace yourself...I have lots of pictures of the weekend to share!
Tyler and Mommy at the lake
Daddy and Ty on the dock having a beer

Auntie Rina came up for the day to meet Tyler. It was the most perfect place for her to meet Tyler since we spent a great deal of time there together. We had a wonderful day hanging out by the lake, catching up and playing with our little man. Marina just loved his hair and gave him a little mohawk. He looked so cute. We even got to bring Tyler in the water with us. It was so much fun!

Tyler's 1st bathing suit! It's a little big!
He didn't understand that his sunglasses are not a blindfold and he had his eyes closed the entire time. It was so funny!
A dip in Big Crooked Lake with Mommy
Tyler and Uncle Brian bonding
Ty and Daddy hanging out by the lake

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