Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tyler's first day at church

Tyler smiling! It's hard to capture the real thing on film but how cute is he:)

Tyler's church outfit

Ty and Daddy
I love bath time!

We took Ty to church today! It was fun to dress him up and he was such a good boy during the service. It is very important to Mike and I that Ty gets baptized so we are actively trying to join this great Methodist church in our area that we really love! He seemed to really enjoy the music and the service and didn't cry once. Also, today was the first day that Tyler really smiled and laughed at us multiple times. We put him in bed with us when he woke up this morning and he just smiled and laughed at us! I melted! He is also making these adorable gurgling sounds and cooing sounds that just warm my heart. It's like he's trying to talk to us! It's just wonderful that he's communicating with us finally. He is growing up and changing so fast...doing new things everyday...things I can't imagine a normal 5 1/2 week old baby can do. For example, at the church service Ty held his own bottle with both hands. It was so cute and really amazing! The love a parent has for their child is just indescribable!!!!

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