Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Wedding in HHI

A new blog post...yes's a miracle...and a 3-day weekend!  phew!

My SIL got married a couple of weeks ago.  It was a destination wedding, and we decided to make a week-long vacation out of it.  I just love HHI!  It was perfect weather, all our family was there, and the wedding was gorgeous.  All-in-all, it was a perfect end to my time at home with the kids.  ::snif, tear::  I'll make two posts out of this vacay, so we'll start with the wedding photo dump first. 

That brings me to why I've been bloggy-challenged for almost a month...I went back to work!!!!!  Boo!  This is a whole other post within itself.  Did I mention how pay-challenged teachers are?!  Man, am I underpaid for how much work I've done in the past 2 weeks.  I'm already ready for another vacay.

I had to start a day after we returned from our trip, and I've been trying to keep my head above water ever since.  Treading water sucks, and it's a complete suck on my blog time.  Boo!!  Not to mention that both my kids have caught those nasty, naughty and freakishly strong daycare germs after only a week in.  It's been quite an say the least.  We're surviving. ISH... 

I have so much to update you all on.  I'll spread the post dump out over a few days, so as to not overwhelm ya.

Enjoy...and come back for more later:) 

The wedding locale.  It was hot but gorgeous!  A perfect day!!!  I think it was all my SIL dreamed of!
 The cutest kids EVER!  :)  My doll-babies. ::swoon::
 The bride and groom (love them so much!)
 it's official...and notice I had to remove myself due to B's diva-like antics :)
 Me & my love
The "kids"...the sisters/brothers/spouses
 My little man
the reception spot
 The most amazing (and good looking) parents in the world...mine!!!  They joined us for the wedding and were an incredible help with the kiddos!  I'm so lucky to have them!!!
 The fam
 My loves and me
 My boys xoxo
 This girl ADORES her big bro (or bubba as she calls him)
 dancing with his princess
busting a move with T-money
 Mr. & Mrs. cake cutting
my dancing queen
Nuff said

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