Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goodbye Pullups & My Hatred for Gaming

Today is a big day in our house.  T woke up...dry...with big boy undies on!  Whoot!  After 10 dry mornings with pull-ups, we decided to try big boy undies.  Unbelievably, he was dry.  Mommy was relieved there wouldn't be a bed strip and wash.  ::phew::  We are still getting him up to try to pee before we head to bed.  I'm not sure when we'll stop doing that.  One step at a time.  Until then, I'm planning my break-up speech to those pesky pull-ups, and hoping I've bought my last box at Sams Club.  ::fingers crossed::

Here's an oldie but goodie of T (circa 2010)

On a completely unrelated note, I have decided that over-my-dead-body will my 5 year old son be receiving a gaming system this year, or any year in the near future, for that matter.  My hubs and I have begun discussing the option this year.  I am going to take that one back, and quickly.  I have a growing hatred for gaming lately.  To be honest, I hate it all the time.  But, that's beside the point I guess. 

Lately, T is very into playing our "pads", as he calls them.  My hubby is an android supporter, I have an ipad, and T can literally sit of hours playing them.  Of course I DO NOT allow that, unless we are on a long car trip.  I do offer my pad as an option for his "quiet time" 1-2 days a week.  Honestly though, I would prefer he rot his brain in front of the TV for an hour.  At least I can provide a program that might have some learning benefits, or a cute classic Disney flick.  The Where's Perry or Monkey Blast app...ummm...not so much.  I get so incredibly frustrated when quiet time is over, B is up, and we want to go outside to play or run some errands, but my 5 year old refuses to get off the pad.  I want to throw it across the room and have it smash into a million pieces (if it wasn't mine of course).  Now don't judge, he does have a great learning game from leapster that we bought him.  He plays that occasionally, mostly on car rides.  I don't completely HATE those games.  But, I still get so frustrated when he won't stop playing. 
Is it bad that I'm trying to drill into his head that little boys that watch too much TV or play video games all day are making themselves fat and stupid?! I know...sounds harsh, huh?!  But isn't it partially true?!  As a teacher of teens, I see the residual side effects of our society on the computer, in front of an Xbox or watching mindless TV all day long.  I don't like what I see.  I certainly see how it can affect the ability for a student to concentrate, communicate and time-manage, when so many ways to procrastinate are hanging out in their room every night.  I can see some positive aspects of learning to use a pad at age 4 or 5, following directions, hand-eye coordination, developing strategy, etc.  But for now...I don't think the kid needs a system.  Do you? 

So I will keep my word to myself, for now.  1.  no gaming system 2. absolutely no TV or computer in his room...now or ever  3. emphasis on being active  4.  a maximum amount of TV or video game time per day/week. 

If you don't agree with me...here are a few articles that examine both sides of the coin.  You can decide for yourself:
The Negative Effects of Video Game Addiction
The Positive & Negative Effects of Video Games
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T minus, 3 days till our beach vacation!  I'm pumped!  I just wish preparing to relax wasn't so darn stressful.  ::sigh::

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  1. I totally agree with you on the video game system. I try to avoid turning on the TV at all costs when I'm at home with Liam. Craig, on the other hand, owned multiple video game systems when we met and still has the X Box 360 hooked up to our 47 inch TV. I'm afraid that's going to become a bit of a battle once Liam gets older.

    I'm still holding out for at least limiting his use and definitely no TV or computer in his bedroom.

  2. I totally agree with you about the gaming systems and tv in the bedroom. The kids seem fine with their leapsters for now. We have a wii but they never play it. I will hold out as long as I can. As far as I can tell though, I don't think my kids will ever be big time gamers especially since Bob and I aren't at all and that would make me very very happy!

  3. Totally Agree with you on the gaming. Oh my lord. I hate the xbox.

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