Sunday, August 29, 2010

Miami 10 years later

In June, the Scherman/Burkle family went back to Miami for our 10 year reunion, my parents had their 40th.  We stayed in the dorms with Cindy, Brent and some friends, checked out the bars that were left from our college days, ate Miami food favorites and saw some old friends.  It was such a blast!  I can't believe it's been 10 YEARS!  Time sure does fly. 

Mike & I in the dorms - they haven't changed!
Tyler checking out where we'll move him into in 15 years (here's hoping, no pressure!)
Therese came with Brian to check out Miami.  We were so glad she came to enjoy it with us.  That's her beer, not Ty's :)
Visiting a few places near and dear to my heart - Theta suite - for all my theta girls & me...the honorary theta
The door to the Kappa suite.  I ran into Krista Lantz & Suzanne Newhouse, it was awesome to catch up with sisters
The whole crew sharing a beer tower at Skippers
That's T, Brian, me & Mike in front of the Sigma Chi house
It was a good idea, in theory, to attend the reunion tents, eat there and socialize.  What we found out was that the food ended ridiculously early, barely anyone attended this part of the weekend, and alcohol wasn't free...but we made our own party & loaded up a couple plates so we could all pick off them and get some food for the night.  It was a memorable part of the weekend for sure.
Uptown with the crew.  This picture was taken in the birds nest of First Run (now called Brick Street)
The Burkles & the Bacons reliving old Miami memories
We had the most fun at Stadium where the rest of our class was hanging out. I ran into some old friends & got to spend some time with Shan & Eric.  It was just like old times!  I love Miami!!!

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