Sunday, August 29, 2010

Manic May ~ 2010

May is always a busy month for us. With a million things going on at the end of a school year, trips to the lake, spring cleaning our house, yardwork, birthdays & weddings, we always are on the go in May.  This May was no exception.  We did get a chance to spend some time with friends, and a trip to the lake for my birthday is always tradition.

Ty & his buddy Landen getting into trouble - they had drawn all over themselves with chalk. It was hilarious, until I realized the wrote all over the basement too.

We have been spending lots of time outside, a perk of living in southern Ohio.  The weather definitely gets warmer earlier than Chicago.

While in town for Pam & Ryan's wedding, we got to spend some time with my parents. 

This was the first year we ordered bulk mulch for our yard.  What a HUGE job that was.  Thanks Brent for loaning us your truck!  I don't think I would have been happy with that mess in my pilot. Ty had a blast throwing the mulch out of the truck, and we spent hours spreading that mulch.  Thank God that is done for a while.

Another school year at Loveland was coming to an end.  We got to deal with the antics of the outgoing senior class, and all the end-of-the-year madness.  The seniors decided to put LHS up for sale on their last day.  I thought it was a funny, harmless prank, and had to get a picture.
We also took our first trip to the lake for Memorial Day weekend, and my birthday.  Tyler was fearless when it came to swimming in the lake and jumping off the raft.  We invested in a new vest for him too this year.  He also got to ride the jetski, fish with Uncle Brian, and ride on the boats.  The lake is always such a great time.  It is still my most favorite place to be in the entire world, so I was happy to spend my 32nd bday there yet again.  It also always great to have quality time with my family, and have them spend some time with Ty.  We had perfect weather, and for the end of May in Michigan, it was quite a blessing!

Ty in his old vest
Discovering water guns with Granddad
Hours of fun jumping off the raft
swimming with Mommy
Ty relaxing on the dock after a long day of swimming & boating
Getting ready for a ride on the jet ski
testing out the tube - maybe this year we'll take him behind the boat
Fishing with Uncle Brian
A great way to spend my bday!

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