Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swingset Saturday...and Sunday

What was I thinking?? Another of my crazy ideas that will remain in infamy is deciding that Mike and I would give Tyler a swingset for his 2nd birthday, along with my parents. I found a great deal at Walmart and was pumped when we found it at one of the local Walmart Supercenters, after many phone calls and trips to various locations. I sent Mike to get the boxes and he came back with 3 huge boxes full of WOOD! It looked daunting...but luckily I have the handiest guy seriously I I wasn't worried. Mike spent an entire night after work arranging and labeling the wood and various screws, bolts, etc. It was quite a sight (wish I was smart enough to take a picture...but I wasn't)! We thought...oh 1 entire day should do it...yeah right! I had to attend Loveland graduation on a Saturday, and Mike was going to start tackling the swing set while I was gone. When I got back...there was not much to see...I started to get very nervous! After two long days and some change...we finally got it done, and it looks fantastic! Tyler is in love with his made all the work completely worth it with one excited squeal and broad grin! How cute is this? Ty helping Daddy. I just hope he ends up with one ounce of Mike's handiness!My boysThe first time Ty saw the finished productslide fun...he can do this for hours...literallybig boy swingthe finished product...well...there are actually monkey bars too...but we figured we could leave that to another summer, as he's to young right now anyway.

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