Friday, June 12, 2009

31...and Still Fun!

Memorial Day weekend was my big 31st. I thought at first that it would come and go without a problem, I mean what's one more year after thirty. However, as it crept closer I started to feel more and more depressed. I definitely think 31 was much harder than 30 for some reason. Maybe because I am now officially "in" my 30's! We spent the weekend in Sister Lakes, as usual, and were blessed with perfect weather. I feel so lucky to still get together with my parents and brother every year on my birthday weekend, the perks of being a memorial weekend baby I guess;) Ty loved the water and was a dare-devil jumping off the seawall with and without our help. He's definitely a water baby...the water was not exactly warm. Ty also loved the speed boat and my Dad's new gift to himself, the pontoon. He got lots of attention from my parents, his Uncle Brian and my brother's girlfriend Therese. I also got to swim in open water in preparation for my upcoming triathlons, which was helpful...and not fun at all:) All in all, it was an excellent weekend full of family, laughs and good memories. Here are a few random shots of the weekend. The fam enjoying the LakeTy and Daddy jumping off the seawall Our cool dude in the tube Loving his little pool...notice no suit (he always wanted to go in when he was not in a suit!)Quality time with Uncle Brian......and Grams and Granddad with their monkey:)Uncle Brian teaching Ty to drive the Mastercraft right (notice the beer)...and he was REALLY joke!Daddy and Ty on the boat loving the speedGiving hugs to "T" brother's girlfriend. She's great with Tyler and he loves her!Hanging with Granddad in the Lake on a beautiful Sister Lakes day

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